More protests against racist subway ads after activist arrested


Newly posted subway station ads that have incited city-wide anger over what many are calling a “racist” message, continue to stir controversy as a protest is called for tomorrow’s MTA meeting. 

Writer and political activist Mona Eltahawy, an Egyptian-born U.S. citizen, was arrested yesterday in the Times Square station after attempting to spray-paint over one of 10 ads that refer to jihad as “savage.” 

Armed with a video camera, Pamela Hall, a Manhattan woman, put herself between Eltahawy and the ad in an attempt to prevent her from defacing it. Undeterred, Eltahawy warned Hall to get out of the way or get sprayed. She then sprayed paint at Hall when she refused to move. After the heated confrontation continued, Eltahawy was handcuffed by two police officers who stayed quiet when she demanded to know why she was under arrest.   

Eltahawy was in court this morning on a misdemeanor charge of criminal mischief, according to her Twitter account. Meanwhile, Hall uploaded her video of the confrontation to YouTube. 

The International Action Center, an anti-war group, is planning to stage a protest against the ads, which remain in 10 Manhattan subway stations, at tomorrow’s MTA board meeting.

“This week the MTA issued another slap in the face to its riders,” the IAC said in a statement. “As if the new round of fare hikes weren’t enough, it carried racist, anti-Muslim ads in ten NY subway stations.” 

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    I recommend not just reading what’s here, but clicking the link to the article and watching the video. Pamela Hall is...
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    Just have two quibbles: Mona did not spray paint AT Pamela. She genuinely tried to avoid Pamela, but Pamela would not...
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    What type of shitty human being bodily defends racist ads in the first place? Shame on Pamela Hall.
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